Lost soul

Through the silent trees of a calm forest,

That rests, not disturbed by any tempest

Near the joyful river with its silver lines

Near the sandy banks as quiet as shrines

Lies a lost soul, a sad and dreaming man

Watching the sky, lying on the sand so tan.


He is waiting for a sign, waiting for release

Enchained by an innocent look of a miss

He cannot speak; he can only wait in vain

For his love, but the birds laugh in disdain

Because no one comes there, he’s all alone

Beside the trees’ silence and the river’s tone.


So lost is the soul of such a man, so troubled!

A man that in the purest love has stumbled.

His eyes see only the fading image of a memory

A piece of time, seemingly meaningless, a story

Yet the memory of her face comes to persist

It eclipses other thoughts, it lies in their midst.


And as the lover sits on the smooth sandy bank

It seemed the whole forest in thoughts sank

The moon was shining on the leaves so green

The wind was whispering, moving unseen

And the lover realized love’s cruel mischief

And how he can love, suffer, feel no relief


Because this is the curse of the man who dreams

To be tangled in his own ideals, and it seems

That never do these models exist in this world

And only the sun an moon, the forest have told

The story of the lonely lover, who stayed to see

The falling yellow flowers from a linden tree.

Despre andreigreceanu

Sunt un tanar din Romania. Am facut acest blog pentru a descrie niste situatii, pentru a arata dezastrul intelectual si nu numai din aceasta tara. Cred ca generatiile tinere ar trebui sa se ridice si sa faca ceva in aceasta tara, in loc sa plece din ea. Daca toti tinerii vor pleca din tara, cine va mai ramane cu initiative, cu reforme? Si vorbesc de toate domeniile, desi eu ma axez in principal pe politica si literatura. Eu cred in democratie suficient de mult cat sa-mi doresc ca ea sa functioneze si suficient de putin pentru a nu-mi face iluzii cu privire la limitele ei. Ma consider si eu un roman, si inca unul care vrea sa schimbe ceva in tara lui. De acum, mult nu pot sa fac, insa am o arma foarte importanta: scrisul. Imi place literatura, dar am gust si pentru politica. Interesanta combinatie, nu-i asa? Vreau sa imi croiesc un viitor in Romania. Pentru toti tinerii care gandesc ca mine si pentru cei ce inca cred ca mai bine e sa pleci in strainatate decat sa ramai si sa ajuti aceasta tara, eu va scriu. Va scriu si celor ce aveti un loc de munca, sunteti romani cinstiti si vreti o schimbare in bine. Va scriu tuturor celor interesati de literatura, tuturor celor care s-au saturat de lipsa de cultura modernista si vor o intoarcere la vechile valori, la valorile universale.
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Un răspuns la Lost soul

  1. „The story of the lonely lover, who stayed to see
    The falling yellow flowers from a linden tree.”

    Ultimele versuri fac toata poezia…

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