He suspended his thoughts on a wire so long;

Of indifference, drying them off in the song

Of the whistling wind of time’s cruel crossing,

Which rusty, but also shiny leaves away is tossing…


But the wire’s a lie and the wind pushes him hard

Towards his so postponed meeting with fate, a card

To open the gates of a new, awaiting world, lost

Amidst the clouds of future, blocking the view like frost…


But time moves, carrying around the world, the pain…

Only he stands still at the edge of the cliff, in disdain!

He sits by the crossroad, not wanting to choose, for

He fears his choice, his wish to open his soul’s door.


He’s pummelled into submission by his ravaging mind.

Dark sparkles of despair jump like none of their kind

Igniting his soul with desire for freedom, fuelled in fury

By the wind so strong, which whispers his dreaded jury…


There stand still Reason, Heart, Desire, Comfort, Prudence

Judging him, quarrelling, making him wait for the sentence.

He just sits, waiting in vain, torn apart, but not aside, as he stands,

He fights the urge to just choose a road, to take fate in his hands.


To his right, he sees a road losing its sight around walls…

He’s been through there; he doesn’t want to listen to its calls…

To his left, he sees a long harsh road raging up a mountain so steep

To freedom it may lead, also to nothingness… He must take the leap!


He holds his breath and looks for aid, but nothing lies around…

His own mind feasts on his disillusioned thoughts, bound

To be just ravaging catapults smashing the walls around his mind,

Crushing all its defences, pushing out indifference and its kind.


He takes the broken flag of hope in his hands and suddenly shouts.

The echo pierces through the land, his eyes acting like vigilant scouts

Searching for movement, but nothing pinches, the crossroad is still…

He would like not to think, not to see… But his mind can’t stay chill!

Despre andreigreceanu

Sunt un tanar din Romania. Am facut acest blog pentru a descrie niste situatii, pentru a arata dezastrul intelectual si nu numai din aceasta tara. Cred ca generatiile tinere ar trebui sa se ridice si sa faca ceva in aceasta tara, in loc sa plece din ea. Daca toti tinerii vor pleca din tara, cine va mai ramane cu initiative, cu reforme? Si vorbesc de toate domeniile, desi eu ma axez in principal pe politica si literatura. Eu cred in democratie suficient de mult cat sa-mi doresc ca ea sa functioneze si suficient de putin pentru a nu-mi face iluzii cu privire la limitele ei. Ma consider si eu un roman, si inca unul care vrea sa schimbe ceva in tara lui. De acum, mult nu pot sa fac, insa am o arma foarte importanta: scrisul. Imi place literatura, dar am gust si pentru politica. Interesanta combinatie, nu-i asa? Vreau sa imi croiesc un viitor in Romania. Pentru toti tinerii care gandesc ca mine si pentru cei ce inca cred ca mai bine e sa pleci in strainatate decat sa ramai si sa ajuti aceasta tara, eu va scriu. Va scriu si celor ce aveti un loc de munca, sunteti romani cinstiti si vreti o schimbare in bine. Va scriu tuturor celor interesati de literatura, tuturor celor care s-au saturat de lipsa de cultura modernista si vor o intoarcere la vechile valori, la valorile universale.
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